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   Lip Liner/Color

  Performing a lip procedure will enhance and/or correct the natural symmetry of the mouth. It gives balances to the face because treatments can make the lips look smaller, bigger or more even. Lip color adds youthfulness and the right color brings attention to the face and eyes.

   Eyebrows / Eyebrow & Hairline Strokes

  Natural, well-shaped eyebrows add balance and frame the face while accentuating the eyes. They give a "mini face-lift" appearance thus creating a more youthful look, while enhancing the overall appearance of the face.


   Eyeliner & Designer Eyeliner

  Eyeliner will enhance, define and help lift the shape of the eyes while bringing out the natural eye color. It will make the whites of the eye look whiter and clearer, lashes will look longer and thicker, creating a more youthful appearance.



  Microblading fills out and reshapes eyebrows with fine lines that look like individual hairs. It is done with a hand tool that lightly cuts pigment into the skin to give a natural look. It can be done with shading or feathering as needed and desired by the client and the look she wishes.

   Dermal Rolling Collagen Rejuvenation

Purchase a package of two facial dermal rolling treatments and get two body dermal rolling treatments for free!

Dermal Rolling

See me do a dermal rolling procedure

  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons dermal rolling was started in 1997 and has proved to be an effective and safe method for treating wrinkles and scars. In their 2008 article reporting study results they stated after dermal rolling microscopic exams showed a considerable increase in the collagen and elastin of the skin. The women in the study reported a 60-80% improvement in fine wrinkles, lax skin, scarring and stretch marks. They also stated dermal rolling does not damage the skin as does laser and peels.

Dermal rolling works by creating thousands of tiny one millimeter “wounds” in the skin which then brings in healing blood oxygen and regeneration factors. This produces a younger-looking, tighter, smoother collagen layer in the skin. The healing and tightening continues for 6-12 months. Vitamin oils are added to increase the effect. A topical numbing cream is used prior.

Two treatments one month apart:  $240 by Janet Nodine, licensed nurse practitioner.

Reference:  Percutaneous Collagen Induction, Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, April 2008.


Price List   

Call (520) 909-9425 for current specials!  

  • Brows Powder-look   $400  
  • Hairstroke Brows   $400
  • Brow Bone Highlights   $250
  • Eyeliner Upper & Lower   $450
  • Designer Eyeliner Thick/Tails   $550
  • Upper Eyeliner   $300
  • Lower Eyeliner   $250
  • Blended Lip Enhancement   $400
  • Blush   $300
  • Full Lip Color   $500
  • Lip Liner   $350
  • Eye Shadow   $500
  • Dermal Rolling   $140
  • Two Dermal Rolling (1 month apart)   $240
  • Three Dermal Rolling (1 month apart)   $340
  • Aloe Deep Moisturizing Facial   $85
  • Elegant Body Tattoo    $100 & up
  • Scalp Micropigmentation   $350 and up

*Packages Available/Credit Cards Accepted Prices include one Touch up




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